Thursday, June 28, 2012

My bodega is currently listed with Coldwell Banker Realty in Chapala. Go to to see more pics and get more detailed information.
Billy King 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Bodega info/inventory

To inventory the Bodega please include
5 Skylights with window security
Central floor drain two by four feet
Large Aljibi, 1000 liter tinaco, 2 floor Tinacos for additional water storage and industrial uses. Hoses included.
Bathroom with cold water shower.
2 4x8 foot metal and wood work tables semi new
2 4x8 plywood work tables with saw horses
2 Tier new rolling scaffolding (andamio)  aprox 2x3 meters.
4 Chair and circular table
Various plastic chairs and stools
4 Built in to wall metal and wood shelving units
3 Ceiling exhausts
1 wall exhaust
3 110/220 electrical panels
Cement Floor
Insulated pitched roof ceiling
4 meter roll up door
1 Standard metal entry door
1 gas tank and outdoor burner
1 Queen size bed with 6 drawer bed frame 3 years old
1 Aluminum 4 meter extension ladder 
8 florescent ceiling lights, 3 meter length
Basic kitchen gear including pots pans and dishes etc.
2 Decorative Metal Mirrors 
1 heavy gauge free standing  tumbler operated safe
Dock high loading dock

The walls have been plastered and painted recently.  The exterior was painted 2-3 years ago. The bodega is an ideal live/work space for an artist which can be easily divided into two equal size spaces. Central location with every small to large shop imaginable near by including hardware stores, lumber yards, groceries, butchers, play fields, laundry's and the bus station. Safe neighbor hood includes a medical doctor and a high school math teacher with their families as neighbors. Monday Tianguis passes in front of the bodega.
Ample street parking. American bar/restaurant on corner. Daily water/gas/ truck delivery.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

3200 Sq Ft Live/Work studio

My building is @3200 sq ft, 315 M2 according to my documents. I'm selling the entire building. I would like to keep it going as an artists building but it is big enough to be any commercial or residential use you might envision.

Facing the street door.

Chapala Malenon view East
Chapala Malecon view  West
Chapala Rooftops

For working artists seeking a tax deductible work space and vacation spot this is ideal.  Because of the large number of retired gringos in Ajijic, the next town over, the locals are use to hearing English and really your bad Spanish is not a problem. In Chapala there are plenty of markets, banks, doctors, dentists, internet cafes....just about everything you will need to enjoy your stay. There are many tax advantages to Mexico and your physical and mental health gets better immediately!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

For Sale 3200 sq ft/316 M2 Bodega/Warehouse currently used as my live-in art studio. The location is sunny Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico a small town directly on Lake Chapala, Mexico's biggest lake. Guadalajara is 1 hr north, the GDL airport 1/2 hour away. Chapala is a town of about 30,000 residents. Pictures in the post that follows.

Chapala and the Lakeside area is known for its great weather; rarely to hot or too cold. US and Canadian  retirees abound in the next town over, called Ajijic, but Chapala is basically middle-class Mexican in flavor and practice. Slower during the week,but the weekends and holidays are busy as tourists from Guadalajara come to walk Chapala's famous lakeside boardwalk (Malecon) or dine at the various upscale restaurants.

The warehouse has been cleaned up, walls plastered, painted inside and out, the peaked ceiling insulated and everything is in good working order including water, sewage, electrical, taxes and the roof. Still keep in mind this is a warehouse style space. Not an apartment though I do live here. The roll-up door is dock high as the sidewalk angles down the slight hill. Within 1 block are laundry, restaurant, hardware, butcher, groceries and much more. Neighbors include lots of kids, a doctor, a school teacher, a dump truck driver and a vegetable stand. 

Taxes are @$60 a year. Water is at the low bodega rate and costs $100 a year. Electrical is currently set on the lowest rate. The property is classified commercial and as bodega which gets lower rates on everything. 

The price of $80,000 US is based on a recent realtor estimated value as a commercial bodega to the local Mexicans. As  an art studio its worth more, in my opinion, because the type of building is hard to find.  Large open space buildings are rare as they are usually quickly carved up into several small rooms. 

Most property transfer fees are paid by the buyer. Owning property by foreigners outside of the coastal zone is n100% legal and so I have full deed to the property. I'm based in Seattle, Washington and I may be contacted at The sales contracts may be written up as a US legal document as well as going through the land registry process here in Mexico. There are US tax advantages to having a commercial work space in Mexico. I have successfully written off all my travel, upkeep and studio upgrade expenses the last 7 years.

Thank you.
billy king

Pictures of the Bodega/Warehouse 4 Sale

6 Views of My Art Studio/ Bodega
 For Sale $80,000 US for 3200 Sq Ft=316M2
 Clean. Floor Drain, Good Electrical, Skylights

Sheet Rock Walls. Roll-up Door!
 Big Enough to Share. Bathroom w/Shower
 Central Location in Chapala. Good Neighbors.
Exterior in good shape, note roll-up door.
Mustard Yellow Building is the Bodega 4 Sale

Contact: Billy King at